Guess That Song

I’ll get back to NYC and the Chicas later, but first I have this. Guess what song I was singing in the shower this morning! Go ahead. Guess! I’ll wait.


Good guesses, but no. There’s just no way in the world you’ll guess it. But I’ll give you a hundred more tries.

1. No.

2. Wrong.

3. Uh-uh.

4. Nope.

5. — Oh forget it! We’ll be here all day. I’ll just tell you.

Flat Foot Floozie with a Floy Floy

Told you you’d never guess!! Who sings that?? I mean in like the last 50 years? Well, obviously I have because I’m not 50. And my mom definitely has because that’s how I know the song. But how many normal people sing that anymore?

And how did I even get it in my head this morning?

And what exactly does it mean? I know what “flat foot” means because I have a flexible flat foot which means my foot looks like it has an arch until I stand up and then it goes away. Got that from my mom, too. And “floozie” — everyone knows that’s a tramp. But what’s a floy floy? Is it a hat? Or maybe they’re orthopedic shoes for the hoochie mama’s foot problem. Does anyone know??

OH MY GOSH!! I just looked it up and it says the song is actually Flat Foot Floogie, “floogie” meaning floozie which is “a slang for a prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets” and “with a floy floy” indicates she has a venereal disease! Seriously!! That’s what the internet says so it must be true.

MOM! I can’t believe you sang that song to me!! I thought the college drinking songs were a little inappropriate. But this???

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  1. you are killing me. that’s hysterical. I was going to guess “loathing” or “popular” or “beeeeccccaaaaauuuuussseee I knew you, I have been chhhhaaaaaaannged for goooooood” which is what I am humming!

  2. LOL! At first I was going to guess, “Band of Gold”, because for some odd reason, every time you discuss music I think of that song, lol.I guess it could have been “Toe-Knee-Chest-Nut-Nose-I-Love-You”, but those are the ridiculous types of tunes that seem to emanate from ME recently.

  3. I totally thought it would be a Wicked song too!! Popular, You’re gonna be Pop-u-u-lar!! ;)I’d never heard that song before, but I have flat feet too. But, I’m definitely not a floozie or a floogie or anything like that!! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about Wicked in NYC!!

  4. His Girl – Yes! That’s what I’m going to start singing. Popular! With the nasal voice and all.Gretchen – Me or the Foozie?Em – I can only hope!Becky – Heehee!! Now that’s in my head! Thanks.Deemarie – Okay. I’m back to Popular. (I’m so fickle).

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