Fantastically Fun Field Trip

Katie’s class, along with a couple other 6th grade classes, went on the best field trip I’ve ever heard of yesterday. They had chartered buses drive them to Penn’s Landing in Philly where they got on The Spirit of Philadelphia, seen on the right. On this cruise they had a DJ, a lunch buffet and an open “all you can drink” soda bar.

After sailing the Delaware river in much better style than General Washington, they got back onto the chartered buses “with bathrooms just like on an airplane only bigger. Smellier, too.” They took a little historical tour of Philadelphia and then returned to the school in the late afternoon.

When the paperwork for this field trip came home a couple months ago I asked Katie if she wanted me to go or not. I told her she wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she didn’t want me to go. I would understand. I lied, though she doesn’t know that. It hurt my feelings just the teensiest bit when, after thinking for a moment she said, “Well… If there wasn’t going to be dancing it would be okay.” But more than anything that made me laugh. She was right. I’m sure I would have humiliated her.

I let her take my older digital camera and she promised to protect it with her life. She brought it home in one piece and after downloading the pictures I decided to share my favorite out of the entire bunch. The one picture that to me says, “Philadelphia. You know you want some!”

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  1. i luv seeing life thru the eyes of a child. what a creative photo!& how jealous am i of her field trip??? unlimited soda bar!?!? 🙂

  2. that is a good photo! and it makes me want to go to philly. :)that sounds like an awesome field trip! My oldest daughter’s 6th grade field trip was to an overnight camp. I chaperoned and it was miserable and cold. Your kids’ school does field trips way better!!BTW, I’m eating peanut m&ms as I type this comment. they make me think of you now. 🙂

  3. Jenn – I KNOW! All the soda you could drink!! Good thing they had those bathrooms on the bus.Monnik – Come on!! I LOVE Philly. It’s a fun city.A cold overnighter? Bummer.And what’s with the peanut M&Ms?? You’re the second person today to mention them to me and there’s not a one in the house!

  4. Now why didn’t we get super cool trips like that!? The cruise part alone was probably the best part and yeah, I would think anytime someone says ‘well, maybe you could skip this one’ has to hurt. My mom never did anything with the school – good for all of us ;)CindyS

  5. I just bought a pack of peanut M&Ms for my plane trip tomorrow. That was a pretty cool field trip although our kids here get to go on some nice ones. They do fund raisers to earn the money all 6th grade.Beanie always liked me going on field trips and I pretty much went on all the field trips for both my boys…well until Shmoo hit 6th grade. At the very beginning of the year he asked to sit down and speak to me and wondered if it would be okay with me if I didn’t go on field trips that year. I was a little hurt, but he really want to test those wings so I acquiesed. Little bugger.

  6. What a cool field trip. I would have wanted to go, too! And yes, it is funny what kids decide to photograph. When Daughter13 went with her class to Washington, D.C., on of her photos was a shot of a squirrel. Just your regular, backyard kind of squirrel. But in D.C. it seems so exotic! LOL

  7. Mmmmm….cheese steaks!!! I just ate dinner and now I want one just because I saw that picture, lol.Sounds like Katie had an awesome time. And I love the idea of an all you can drink soda bar. Not that I could drink that much soday anyway.

  8. Why don’t they just call it “Cheese steak” there? Why must they call it “Philly Cheese Steak?” Of course it’s a Philly Cheese Steak! It’s Philadelphia!

  9. …the chartered buses “with bathrooms just like on an airplane only bigger. Smellier, too.” And a fun time was had by all.My son had his first field trip this year, no chaperones needed, which was probably a good thing because they would have had 15 parents begging to go. 😀

  10. My daughter did the same thing when she had a field trip. I asked her if I could go, and she thought for a minute and said she would rather I didn’t. I pretended it was fine with me, but I wish she had wanted me to go.

  11. Oh man, that’d be so cool to have an all you can drink soda bar, LUCKY!!!Awww, you’re the opposite of me then because Brenna is mad at me because I haven’t gone on one yet, I’m due to go to the 2nd grade picnic next week, *sigh* Oh joy.

  12. So if there hadn’t been dancing you would have been in, huh? I thought that was what being a parent was all about – embarrassing your children every chance you get! This is how it was when I was growing up! If things have changed that much, then I am definitely not having kids! LOL

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