Fallin’ Around

The past two days have been miserable around here. Tuesday it was rainey and windy and barely more than freezing while yesterday was slightly warmer, a little less wet, but just as windy. Today, however, was beautiful. Still cold, but bright and sunny. So I grabbed the camera (I really need to name her) and took a little detour on my way to the grocery store.

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  1. Lynilu – Thanks. I LOVE that there are so many different types of scenic beauty – don’t you??Beans – It’s because I’m so far north. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!Mel – Amen and amen.Sandy – HI!!!Junus – Well, come on back now, ya hear! I know of a great place to stay… And I thoroughly enjoyed making a few new friends!Becky – Thanks! As far as covered bridges go, this one isn’t so great. But there’s just something about even the less than stunning ones, isn’t there?Gretchen – Living in this desolate place is a burden *sigh*Deb – I used to love America the Beautiful – even though it wasn’t an E ticket! Did you ever fall over in it? I never did, but I thought I was going to a time or two. LOL

  2. Detours are just dreamy. Feel free to remind me in pictures why I liked it there so much any time you like. I didn’t know we are supposed to name our cameras. The poor thing is probably floundering with all her little camera friends and not having a name.Guess I’d better go buy a baby name book and get crackin’.

  3. Gretchen’s comment almost made me spew beer on my monitor!My faves are the ones on the road. Swoon!I think I’d like to move into your basement for a few months of every year. That way I can be down in guitarland and then see all this autumnal goodness!

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