Discuss Amongst Yourselves

I’m working on a post with pictures from our weekend in Rhode Island, but things are very slow. So in the meantime here’s a little something for you. There’s no video to be found for this song, but listen and read the words and then riddle me this:

Is he gay?

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  1. That has been a question in my head for a long time….. so when you asked the question, I went looking on the Internet (wonderful thing!). I found this posted: The debate about the lyric is easily resolved by the verse and bridge which were excised from the 45 version (but appears in full on Payne’s Unhooked Generation best-of), viz.:“Now that you’ve gone, all that’s left is a band of goldAll that’s left of the dreams I hold is a band of goldAnd the memory of our wedding dayAnd the night I turned you away” and:“Each night I lie awake and I tell myselfThe vows we made gave you the right to have a love each night.”

  2. Stupid girl (the bride, not you, Terri. lol)But when they took that part out they completely changed the apparent meaning. So if it were a contract they would be responsible for the apparent meaning and not the intended meaning.So I still think it means he’s gay.

  3. Ha. That’s funny.But I don’t get the part where he took her from a mother she’d never known…seems like someone was throwing meaningless words together so they rhyme.What’s with the Chipumnks singing at the end of this video???

  4. Okay, I don’t know if he’s gay or not (not that there’s anything WRONG with that!), but THIS I do know: spelling was not her best subject in school. Sorry…I just notice things like that. 😉

  5. Monnik – The problem is lack of punctuation. I think it should be You took me from the shelter of a mother — I had never known to love any otherKatybug – I noticed her bad spelling, too! lolShauna – Yeah!!! teehee

  6. Wow I must have listened and sang along to this a hundred times and never caught on…duh! I’m with you Jenster. Leave out the lyrics and the dude is gay.

  7. While the sleeping in separate rooms on their wedding night did strike me as odd…I was a little more concerned with the “you took me from the shelter of a mother I had never known” part.Kind of sounded like he was he robbing the cradle, literally!

  8. Isn’t it funny how you’ll hear a song for years and not really ‘hear’ it? Gay. Maybe a cradle robber. I mean, wow, that’s a lot to pack into one song ;)CindyS

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