Deep Thoughts by Jen Ster

A person is the most comfortable when the alarm goes off

Strawberry yogurt tastes like poo right after you brush your teeth

Dusty furniture is never more noticeable as when the doorbell rings

You only run into people you know at the grocery store when you’re looking your worst

An expired warranty ensures something will go wrong

Nearly everything is better with cheese

If it’s not better with cheese, it’s better with chocolate

0 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts by Jen Ster

  1. I can relate to that alarm one. On a side note, but it somehow seems realated, it always gets me when some one says. Wouldn’t you know I found it the last place I looked. I say, who the hell keeps looking once they find something.

  2. Jen you always have a way of seeing life through the looking glass!! You make me laugh!!! And yes, these are so true (*tho I can’t attest to the strawberry yogurt one…haven’t tried that but if I do, I’ll know what to expect!!).

  3. You totally crack me up 🙂 If these are true, than I most definitely will run into someone tonight at the Thai place because I am looking my worst. Here’s one to add to the list: I have found with men, as with dogs, what you see is what you get. And you only get more as time goes on :)I think you’re just delightful…

  4. PS: Loved the hedgehog boot scraper. You’re a riot. I had my kids cut my hair. Got myself a fine looking mullet, followed by a horrible pixie. It actually is one of my favorite memories. We laughed like hyenas. I kept the pixie for 24 hours. My brother finished the job with dog clippers 🙂 Love seeing photos! Thanks!

  5. “You only run into people you know at the grocery store when you’re looking your worst”……….of course in my case it is only the most perfect woman you know that you run know the type that ALWAYS has herself together….happened to me this past month!!!!

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