Creative Happiness

Today is the first day of a four day weekend and I’m determined not to waste it. I’m going to do all manner of right-brained activities, starting with my new blog header.

This field is across the street from my neighborhood. Every time I leave the development and look at the green grass, the hay bales and blue skies I think to myself, “Self – you must needs take a picture of that!” (That would be my Old English coming out.) So today I did. And I edited and cropped and BAM! It’s a blog header. That made me happy.

I also made a new header for the CLEAR blog to replace the very generic (yet pretty) header it came with. That also made me happy.

Even now as I’m writing this very trivial post I’m happy to be doing something creative. We’re gearing up for Kids’ Camp at church and that means a lot of database work for me – which I love and is actually more right-brained than you might think – but I’m craving artistic expression. Whether it be through photography, writing, sewing, decorating or whatever. And while my artistic expression may not be for everyone, it is for me!

And that makes me happy.

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