Celebrity Look Alike

Devonna and Jodi did this and it looked like a lot of fun. I used the best picture I could find – not saying much. But here’s what I ended up with:


Halle Berry and Brooke Burke?????? Wait til my son gets a load of that!!! LMAO!!!!!

I tried it again with a different picture and I got totally different results:


Here’s the funny thing. When we watched Van Helsing and Underworld, Todd would say about Kate Beckinsale, “She’s hot, but not as hot as you.” (We’re back to his delusions.) I think I need one of those outfits!!

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  1. Hi Jen! It’s Jen in MT. I sent you a comment earlier, but I don’t think you received it. I recently moved my blog here from myspace. My friend Lin also has a blog here, though hers is down at the moments. I see we have our faith in common:) When she gets hers up and running I will ‘introduce’ the two of you.I enjoyed reading your blog. I have had it marked for a while and am just now getting to saying hello. I loved the pics of your son. Cute! I would love it if you added me to your side blog. May I do the same? – once I figure that part out that is! LOLI did the celebrity look alike thing and got Kelly Clarkson. I’ll take that! BTW, I think you are a pretty good match for Kate Beckinsdale! Hee….

  2. Hey Jen!! I would love to “meet” your friend. lolMy son looked at my look alikes and all he could say was, “That’s so much bull!” Gotta love a teenager. :o)Kelly Clarkson is good! I’d take her, too.And yeah. When you figure out how to add to the sidebar, I’d love to be on your list.Jen

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