I may be a day late and several dollars short, but Tim and Rachele’s babies were born yesterday morning. I had conflicting sources (Grandma and Grandpa) so I may be off an ounce or two, but the beautiful, HEALTHY girl weighed 6 pounds and has dark hair, while the handsome HEALTHY boy weighed in at 5 pounds, 1 ounce and is topped with blond hair.

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There is, as there always is, much more to the story and I will get to it tomorrow. In fact, I have a lot to tell about the weekend, but this couldn’t wait.

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  1. My mother’s older sister and my favorite aunt’s birthday is July 14th. So I think these are already pretty brilliant people to be born on that day. Congrats to you and your family on the two new little ones.

  2. I thought you said your life was mundane? I’ve never been bald, never been to New York City, and we have no twins in the family! You’ve got lots of excitement!

  3. Barb? Is this Barb from the forum?Congrats on the babies! I’m relatively new to this blog so I’m not sure how Tim & Rachele are either. But congrats to them!!

  4. Thanks for all the congrats! The babies are doing great and will probably get to go home with mom tomorrow.They are great names, aren’t they?

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