Back To School

I haven’t really gone back to school, but I did start an on-line writing class last week. The teacher is none other than Andrea, previously of Pass the Zoloft fame. Her new website is Life Happins. Be a doll and go check her out. Anyhoo, the class isn’t about the mechanics of writing, but how to write a query, how to schedule your writing time, setting goals, and that sort of thing.

I already feel smarter! Or maybe more organized. Or maybe I’m just excited about the possibilities. Or maybe all three.

One of the “exercises” is writing on my blog three times a week. I feel confident that I’ll actually be able to do it now that I have my writing schedule and all.

So now I’m one down, two more to go for the week.

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  1. AAAh, just saw this. Thank you for the plug! I am great! I just sold a greeting card from making myself query. Who else wants to sell one with me?????

    I’m very modest, too.

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