And Away We Go…

Tomorrow morning we’re loading up the car and heading out for a 19 hour drive through six states. Road trips aren’t anything new to us, but we have the new dynamic of taking the dog with us this time. Now some of you might be saying to yourself (and not for the first time), “Are you crazy?” My answer to you is a resounding YES!, but that has nothing to do with the road trip.

We’re headed to Arkansas for a week to visit my folks. I wish we had the time to see everyone there is to see, but we just won’t be able to manage it this trip. It would take us a good two to three weeks, I think! And even then we probably wouldn’t get to spend enough time with those we want to. Hopefully next time we’ll catch up with those we miss this time.

I don’t know how much internet time I’m going to have while we’re gone so there’s no telling when I’ll be back. But I hope to have lots of pictures and even better stories!!

So until the next time…

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  1. I love road trips! Looking forward to one upcoming vacation in particular to see/meet some women that only live in my computer. I think it'll be the best trip of the year.

  2. Hope you have a marvy time! And I'll bet Sookie does pretty well. I don't travel often without my 4-legged family members, although the current team members have a few skills to learn before I could attempt to take all of them!Enjoy, enjoy!!!

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