Ah…. Sookie

Here’s our new beautiful girl. We agreed on Sookie (a character from Gilmore Girls and also a line in an old Dwight Yokum song). She’s very slowly warming up to us and has yet to venture past the family room and breakfast nook. She seems particularly fond of being under the table. Could be the crumbs, I suppose…

And this would be Taylor in his new room:

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  1. Loving the “puppy” in the cage — I need to get me one of those for “my” pet!!!!As for Sookie — oh my gosh — so cute, so gorgeous…I want one!!! And the name…I’m loving that — I adored Sookie on GG — she had so much spunk, spirit and life — never mind those dimples.Do you think there’s room in there for Sookie AND Taylor?!?! LOL!!

  2. Sooooooo Cute!!!!!Both parties I might add :).I am positive that Sookie is going to have a lot of fun in your family.I am looking forward to many Sookie stories on the blog site.Congrat Jen and family now consisting of 3 siblings 🙂

  3. One day we didn’t have a dog. The next day we did. No discussion. No planning. Have I mentioned I’m a planner and list maker? Long story short some 18 months later I can’t imagine life without our Emily.The boys think she’s their dog. Pffft! Shows ya what they know.The little dickens worm their way into our lives and hearts before we know what hit us.Sookie is one lucky little girl doggie I’m thinking. P.S. Shmoo needs a room like Taylor’s. Good idea. 🙂

  4. Love the name “Sookie”. That sounds like something you’ll call it when you go to scratch it behind the ears. Very cute dog.I need to get one of those cages for my youngest, er, dog, lol.

  5. I like the room for Taylor, wish I had one for my boys! Did you lock it with a padlock!! Sookie is ADORABLE! You will enjoy her to no end, do you have a fenced area for her outside? Sookie, Sookie was also a Steppenwolf song. I probably had the record at one time or another (my how old am I!!). Sookie, Sookie, Sookie Sue!

  6. Congratulations on the new baby. I hope you don’t lose too much sleep. Although, she looks like she is worth it. Too Cute!!Will she be having her own blog?

  7. Oh my freaking cuteness . . . what a little ball of fun! I think a puppy play date is in order, what do you say?You know, I think CCV even has a dog hometeam . . .I have been thinking about checking it out if it still exists.Congrats-and I look forward to trading stories.

  8. What a beautiful puppy! She’s adorable. The picture of Taylor made me laugh! So that’s what you do with teenage boys! Thanks for the tip. 😉

  9. Too Cute!! Is Sookie a mix or a breed? She has the look of a German Shepherd but with something else. She’s gorgeous!Poor Taylor. I guess that’s another way to look at the saying ‘he’s in the dog house’ ;)CIndyS

  10. Sookie is an adorable little one! What a precious face! I predict many years of happy, melted hearts in your home!But that puppy in the crate … I don’t know about keeping that one. Looks like trouble to me!! LOL!!

  11. Oh, doesn’t little Sookie just warm your heart!?!!! What a sweetie pie. Personally, I think you should get Katie a crate, too, for when she wants to start dating. ;)xxxooogretchen

  12. What a beautiful puppy! And look, Taylor is even wagging his tongue in the cage!!!Sorry I haven’t been by in FOREVAH!!! But I have to tell you, your comment at manic mom had me cracking up ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!TOO FUNNY!Hope you are doing great!

  13. I think we live the exact same life. Except we did not get the dog that we all fell in love with. And I am sad about it. Especially reading that you DID get a dog, which probably means we should have gotten ours too. (If you follow any of my logic, then it definitely means we were meant to get the dog). This is a true story…when I was little I begged my parents to buy me a cage so I could sleep all cozy in it. We did not have a dog and my parents refused.

  14. I get a dog, then you get a dog? (And a BEAUTIFUL one at that!) Does that mean since you got Dee’s new book that I get one too??? 😉 Love Taylor’s new digs! One of Little Bit’s friends did the same thing with our Chester’s crate. Too funny!

  15. I had a feeling you would be giving in soon! What a beautiful Sookie. Such a cutie. She will bring your family so much love and happiness, promise.XOXOX

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