A Heavy Heart

Some very special friends of ours are going through something horrendous right now. Todd and I have both shed tears today at the thought of their circumstances and the difficult decisions they’re facing. “Difficult” seems too benign a word. Sometimes recipes are “difficult”. Sometimes people are “difficult”. Parking a landboat in a crowded lot is “difficult”. What they’re experiencing right now goes so far beyond “difficult”, but I don’t know what other word to use.

The one shining light in all this? I can’t elaborate, but these friends are more extraordinary than we ever realized and it is a blessing to see how God is at work in their lives even through this mess. At how they’re ALLOWING God to be at work in their lives even through this mess.

This is only the beginning of what will be a terrible season of their lives. My heart is breaking for them and if I hurt this much, how much more do they hurt? Please pray for them. You don’t need to know the details. God knows exactly who you’re thinking of.

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  1. Lord, I lift this hurting couple to you and ask that you draw them near, showering them with Your love, Your grace, Your mercy, and Your protection. Let them feel You in a most palpable way, Jesus. I pray comfort and direction for Jen and Todd, too. You are sovereign and mighty and holy, and we love you so very much. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. Praying.For some reason the very old but beautiful Leslie Phillips song (from the 80’s) “Be the strength of my life” popped into my head…so I’ll be praying that God will be their strength and their shield…and tower of refuge.

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