A Buncha “F” Words

Was that title shocking? I hope so because I like to throw in a little shock value every now and again. Keeps things fresh.

I got this FUN meme from Gretchen at Jewels In My Crown.

Rules: If you want to play, leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on…

Gretchen gave me the letter F.

FAITH – This is my most favorite thing of all, not just my favorite F thing. Without my faith I don’t think the rest of the F things, or any other letter things, would be quite as brilliant to me.

FAMILY – This is my second most favorite thing of all, and not just because it starts with F.

FRIENDS – This is almost as good as the first two!

FUR – As in “Sookie’s fur is so soft,” not, “I love my fur coat,” or “I need to shave the fur off my legs.”

FRAPPUCCINOS – Of the vanilla, mocha or coffee variety.

FOO FIGHTERS – This may surprise a lot of you, but I do love this band.

FUZZY BLANKETS – I especially love a warm, fuzzy blanket to wrap up in when the temps outside are frigid like they are now.

FUN – Who doesn’t like to have fun??

FOREIGN TRAVEL – My foreign travel is limited to Mexico and the Caribbean, but I really hope to remedy that some day. I’m counting on Scotland in four and a half more years and I would love to travel all over Europe.

FOOD – One look at me and you know just how much I love food.

So who wants a letter??

0 thoughts on “A Buncha “F” Words

  1. Hey Amanda! Guess what! I just noticed you’re blog is coming through on my reader again!! Whoo hoo!! So in honor of my Happiness at this new, I give you the letter “H”.Tanya – I give you the letter “X”. JUST KIDDING! How about you take “M”.Have fun, ladies!!

  2. I finally figured out that I made some kind of mistake with a link to feedburner & my feeds weren't showing up. 🙁 Don't know what it was exactly, but I think it should be fixed. 'H' is great. I'll put a comment up over here when it goes up, which will probably be Tues or Wed. ~Amanda

  3. Amanda – I’m thrilled you got that figured out because I’ve become waaaaay too dependent on Google Reader. lolCheryl – Thanks! Did you want a letter? If so I’ll give you “B”. If you don’t want to do it don’t worry about it. :o)Deb – How about if I give you “S”? And I’m off to see what you tagged me with.

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