Welcome BouquetWelcome! Let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m Jen. I’ve been a Christian for pretty much my whole life, and I’ve been married to the same handsome guy for most of that time (close to 30 years). Together we have a young adult son who is a beast on an electric bass and a college-aged daughter who is going to rule the historical world some day.

I found out years ago that I like to write. Some people even thought I was kind of good at it. I also figured out that I didn’t mind public speaking in front of groups. (I know, some of you are just cringing at the thought!)

Headshot OneAlthough I dabbled in both for years, it wasn’t until my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2005 that I realized I had something to say, something more inspirational than what I had for breakfast. Since then I have felt a passionate need – even obsession – to encourage others with the magnificent lessons I learned during that time and what God continues to show me today.

In today’s political and cultural climate, with the overwhelming amount of social media, we are an unwilling audience to the hatred among Christians, among fellow believers. I have no doubt that God’s heart is broken by that. God’s grace abounds, yet so many show so little of it towards others. Over the past few years, that passion I have to encourage and teach, has extended to this sticky, sensitive, vital, necessary topic of Grace.

It became one of those itches you can’t scratch. I desperately needed to show others what Grace in action could really look like. So, I started a website called Grace & Such. Among other inspiration, it includes a blog with posts written by a diverse team of women whose only objectives are to share their grace journeys and show what grace-in-action really looks like to the community of believers who seems to have forgotten how.

Snoop around and you’ll find links to other pages here on my online Home, a gathering of my readers’ favorite posts over the years, as well as a link to Grace & Such.

If you have a question, want to schedule me to speak, or just want to chat a bit, please fill out the contact form. I promise I’ll hit you back!


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